Protea Sugarbush Day Care Service is offered between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Sunday at PlumRus.

* Please note that all Day Care is subject to availability of space in the designated sections.

Protea Sugarbush Day Care Service is for clients in wheelchairs or with mobility problems. Please be assured, all our clients are treated the same as any permanent resident – with love.

All Day Basic Care Routine

Clients can be bathed or showered. All toiletries, towels and clothes to be provided by client

Nappies or Pads

We will make sure that the client is clean and dry as needed. When changing, we will give a half wash.

Clinic Service

Once a month, blood pressure and weighing can be done. All information is charted and kept.

All Day Meals and Refreshments

Breakfast, Lunch and Supper as well as two tea times with a snack will be provided during the day. Coffee and tea available on request.


According to PlumRus House Rules, all medication is to be scripted. Medication to be blister-packed by your pharmacy. No medication can be given without a valid script.

Afternoon Resting

Each Client has a designated bed for resting during the day.

Hair Care

Hair will be brushed and neatly done daily, and washed and blow-dried once a week.

Nail Care

We will ensure that the clients' nails are clean every day, and cut and filed as needed to prevent the client from scratching themselves. The nail set is to be supplied by the client.

Companionship and Activities

We will stimulate the client’s 5 senses by reading, playing games, taking the client for walks, encouraging movement/exercise, etc.

Visits to the Protea Coffee Shop

Clients can visit the on-site Coffee Shop daily. Please note the Coffee Shop operates independently and accepts cash or cards. You are also welcome to speak to us regarding a pocket money account for the client which is kept with our accountant and audited.


Clients are treated as Residents and as such are able to attend any outings Rusoord is hosting by booking at Reception. Outings are advertised on the monthly program and notice boards.