Our Sweet Dreams Service is for 12 Hours per night, from 6:30pm to 6:30am, Monday to Sunday.

The package includes all Personal Care as listed below.

Assistance with All Night Basic Care Routine

We will shower or bath the client, and get them ready and put in bed. Toiletries to be supplied by client.

Oral Hygiene

We will assist with brushing of teeth, or cleaning of dentures after meals during the 12 hours and before bed.


We will empty and clean the commode as needed. It will also be cleaned with a biocide once a week for hygiene purposes.

Nappy or Pads Changes

We will make sure that the client is clean and dry as needed. When changing we will give a half wash. Used nappies/ pads will be placed in a plastic bag, tied and disposed of in a normal household dustbin unless a separate nappy bin is provided.

Dressing of Client

Client will be dressed in clean sleepwear, and if awake before 06:30 and time allowing, in appropriate clothes. We will place the dirty laundry in laundry basket.

Hair Care

Hair will be brushed before bed, and washed and blow-dried once a week.

Nail Care

We will ensure that the clients nails are clean, and cut and filed as needed to prevent the client from scratching themselves. The nail set to be supplied by client

Linen Change

Clean linen will be put on the bed once every second week. Linen to be supplied by client.

Bathroom Routine

We will assist client with bathroom routine to and from bathroom during the night.

Mattress Turning

We will turn the client’s mattress once every two weeks when changing the linen to ensure longevity of the mattress .

Pressure Care

We can assist with pressure care to ensure the client is turned or moved every two hours, and with as little disturbance as possible to the client.

Light Housekeeping

We will tidy up and clean (not deep clean) the kitchen, bathroom, shower and bedroom daily, as well as assist with tidying up of cupboard and packing away of clothes.


We can warm up pre-made meals or assist with instant meals supplied by the client, but do not cook. We will assist with feeding if needed by client. We will also prepare refreshments like coffee as needed. Extra meals can be bought through the Senior Centre if preferred

Night Snack

We can assist with the heating of a night snack, or instant snack as well as coffee/ tee or milo supplied by client.

Medication Guidance and Reminders

We request that all clients have their medication blister-packed by their pharmacy in order for us to assist with the control thereof.

Night Checks

We will check on the client throughout the night while they are sleeping, and assist as needed.

Companionship and Activities

We will stimulate the clients' 5 senses by reading, playing games, watching television, and provide overnight assurance.

Added Value

  • The reassurance that you can sleep soundly while your loved one is in caring and capable hands.