Organizational structure

PlumRus Community Service Centre is a Nonprofit Organisation - registration number: 011-891 (29 January 2001) registered as a Home for Older persons. We kicked off our Community Service Centre in 2011 without funding but based on our organisational structure for residential care.

The Manager of our Community Service Centre is Rhodene Koense, and Health Care Manager is Sister Essie van Zyl.The organization utilises the hall of Plumstead Rusoord, the kitchen/dining room with our own offices.

Management structure

Plumstead Rusoord adopted an open door management structure where residents and the community participate in the daily management and activities. Residents and stakeholders form part of our management and governance structure including service delivery, financial and events and fundraising.

From the 1st July 2018 the Community Service Centre will be managed separately.

Board of Directors

  • Mr Joey Pillay (Chairman)
  • Mr Wilbur van Niekerk
  • Mr Giel du Toit
  • Mr Leon Ellis
  • Mrs Hazel Meihuizen
  • Mr Wally Venner
  • Mrs Magriet Kline
  • Mr Pierre De Villiers
  • Mr Freddie Roelofse
  • Mr Danie Rossouw
  • Mr Banie Stafford
  • Mr Malcolm McKnight
  • Mrs Marie Knuppel
  • Mr Roy Binedell
  • Mrs Lesley De Bruyns
  • Mr George Holtzhausen (Manager)